Tom O'Connor Group

Economic and management consulting firm

About Our Staff: Tom O’Connor

Contact Tom by email or by phone at (571) 332-2349

Transportation economics, cost analysis, regulatory analysis, management audit, litigation support, process mapping and process improvement, full range of negotiations services, and market research.


Appearance List

• Expert Witness Appearances

• STB Ex Parte No. 658. The 25th Anniversary of The Staggers Rail Act of 1980: A Review and a Look Ahead

Capabilities and Experience

In the News

• Association of Transportation Law Professionals (ATLP) Fall Transportation Forum Simplified Standards for Rail Rate Cases

Summary: October 15, 2007

• Indiana Medicaid

At the bench trial on November 3, 2005, the Plaintiffs presented evidence consisting of the deposition of Tom O’Connor accompanied by ten (10) exhibits…

Plaintiffs submitted a report entitled “Indiana Medicaid Transportation Providers Service Cost Analysis” from its expert witness Tom O’Connor from the economic and management consulting firm of Snavely King Majoros & O’Connor, Inc. (“Expert Report”).

• Small Shipment Rate Case

Tom O’Connor is quoted in this Traffic World article, advocating railroad support for mediation by the STB


• Small Shipment Rate CaseThe public version of the Formal Rate Complaint filed on behalf of BP Amoco Chemical Company (“BP”) against Norfolk Southern Railway Company (“NS”)

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