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About Our Staff: Kim Hillenbrand


Snavely King Majoros & O’Connor

Washington, DC

Senior Consultant (2003 to Present)

Mr. Hillenbrand provides analytical support to SK clients and principals. His responsibilities include economics and cost modeling, operations simulation, financial analysis and reporting, database management and research.

Mr. Hillenbrand’s work has primarily been in SK’s Transportation group. His projects have included extensive cost and revenue analyses of rail freight logistics, along with preparation of databases for use in rate negotiations with railroads. He has conducted benchmark and market analysis of rail transportation for over 50 different companies.

Mr. Hillenbrand has also evaluated litigation options involving many of the STB rate reasonableness methodologies. He has performed rail feasibility studies for a coal fired utility plant; analyzed railroad abandonment filings; developed cost of capital and return on investment analyses; performed fuel surcharge analyses in both the trucking and rail industries. Mr. Hillenbrand has prepared action plans and presentations for clients on projects including merger analyses, plant site locations, and logistics issues. Additionally, he conducts research in the chemical, petroleum and transportation industries.

Mr. Hillenbrand has assisted in the preparation of client presentations and has prepared testimony for submission to the Surface Transportation Board and State Courts. For a state court proceeding he developed a cost model simulating costs of movements of Medicaid service vans, which was key to the successful outcome in the case.

His telecommunications and public utility experience includes preparation of complex regulatory reports for submission to state and federal regulatory agencies. Mr. Hillenbrand also supports other company witnesses and prepares exhibits for use in the depreciation aspects of regulatory proceedings. These exhibits range from a comparison of depreciation reserves for various accounts to the generation of life curves using in-house developed software, and development of cost of removal estimates. In addition, Mr. Hillenbrand has assisted in preparing testimony involving issues including rate of return, rate design, and cost allocation studies. For a major government agency, Mr. Hillenbrand led a review and development of recommendations resulting in a 20 percent reduction in costs for wireless devices.

Acsys, Inc (2002-2003)

Law Resources (2001-2003)

Washington DC


Mr. Hillenbrand provided short and long term contract work for law, financial, and real-estate firms. Mr. Hillenbrand assisted in the migration of a client’s patent and trademark portfolio from in house counsel outside counsel. Mr. Hillenbrand managed the distribution of incoming documents including EEO and FCC filings from clients and assisted in all aspects of the firms broadcasting, media, and satellite practices. Mr. Hillenbrand coordinated a 750,000 page document production and privilege log for a Department of Justice antitrust filling. He also compiled and managed privilege logs and prepared document productions on behalf of clients for SEC investigations. Mr. Hillenbrand conducted first review of client documents for SEC and Congressional investigations.

He assisted state security regulators in the first settlement between New York State and Merrill Lynch regarding conflict of interest between their research groups and investment banking groups. Mr. Hillenbrand conducted verification and complaint checks of stockbrokers and Certified Financial Advisors for investors and answered questions regarding the Series 6 and 63 Exams.

RVC (formerly Reuters Venture Capital)

London, England (2000)

Analyst, Intern

Mr. Hillenbrand assisted on a survey of Asia venture capital markets in preparation for future venture capital and fund of fund investments in the region. The survey included analysis of sources of capital, major investors, and destinations of capital in Asia.


Connecticut College

B.A. Economics

B.A. International Relations

Georgetown University

Summer Course Work


United States

United Kingdom

Professional Organizations

Association of Transportation Law Professionals

Transportation Research Forum

Testimony and Expert Reports

Surface Transportation Board


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August 24, 2009

U.S. Magnesium, LLC v. Union Pacific Railroad Company

September 22, 2009

U.S. Magnesium, LLC v. Union Pacific Railroad Company

October 24, 2009

U.S. Magnesium, LLC v. Union Pacific Railroad Company

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