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This “Positive Ideas” news letter goes out once a week or so to about 1,000 friends and colleagues around the USA and in various locations overseas.


At our place in Barbados

Tom OConnor

Today’s note goes out this July 4th to friends and colleagues around the USA and overseas.

Some of you may have received a similar note from us yesterday.

If you believe in yourself and have courage, determination, dedication, and competitive drive and if you are willing to sacrifice for things that are worthwhile, anything can be done.
– Vince Lombardi …with a few edits

Thanks for the good you are doing today
And the prayers you are saying today,
Particularly the prayers for those
Going in harm’s way on your behalf.

Move forward …resolute and confident

Read The Declaration

by Bob Livingston …with a few edits

It has been 236 years since 56 brave men signed their names to the Declaration of Independence, proclaiming that the 13 original American Colonies were no longer willing to live under tyrannical British rule.

Those men, among them some of the most notable names in American history, risked their own safety and that of their families by signing the document; they were still in the earliest stages of a war against an enemy that outgunned them and was better trained. By signing their names to the very spirit of Patriotism, the men risked being hanged in the event of defeat.

But they were not alone. Thousands of the signers’ fellow countrymen had already taken up arms against the British in the name of American Independence. Seven bloody years after the signing of the Declaration and eight bloody years after the initial shots at Lexington and Concord, a new, free, republican Nation was born.

Those 56 who risked their lives by signing their names to a document that declared in no uncertain terms that they meant to create a better place where freedom reigned supreme might have trouble recognizing their Nation today. Given the state of political discourse and the tendency for bureaucracy to destroy freedom in order to increase centralized power, the Federal government has effectively come to represent much of what those men disdained in the Declaration.

Take the time to read the Declaration of Independence in its entirety. For a thorough historical background and to better understand the Declaration’s signers, read They Signed for Us which was written by Merle Sinclair and Annabel Douglas McArthur and first published in 1957. If you have a little more time, visit to request a free copy of the Declaration and the Constitution and add your name to the list of Americans who read the founding documents over the holiday. You can also let your Senators and Representatives know that you agree with the principles our Nation was founded upon, and request that they legislate accordingly.

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