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It’s National Read A Road Map Day Today, April 5



Annually, Read a Road Map Day is observed April 5.

The earliest road map, Britania Atlas, was drawn by cartographer John Ogilby in 1675.

Fast forward a few centuries, and my how things have changed!  With satellites, GPS and voice commands do we really know how we get anywhere anymore?

National Read a Road Map Day reminds us to take some time to sharpen those map reading skills.  Take notice of your surroundings.  Do you know north from east?  If not, it’s a good time to learn.


Put away the electronic devices and unfold a traditional road map.  Familiarize yourself with it and take a little trip.  Do you have a knack for using a map?  Teach someone else to read a map.  Use #NationalReadARoadMapDay to post on social media.


Our research was unable to find the founder of National Read a Road Map Day.

Source: NATIONAL READ A ROAD MAP DAY – April 5 | National Day Calendar


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